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may become infiltrated with blood, and assume a black color ; this is not a
There are three ways of restoring the natural state of the circula-
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the filaments within the hip-joint itself. The pain is usually localized
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of -urine to the bladder, causing a condition of hydronephrosis, or pus
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before the wound is coaptated it must be rendered as nearly aseptic as
nently contracted and shortened. The ligaments undergo changes and
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(Baker's cysts). The cartilages of the joints may become inflamed and
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of chronic bronchitis, not infrequently met with in old people, especially
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adherent to the deeper structures. Many times this is an indication
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the flush disappears from the face, the sputum is more copious, loses its
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breaks down, its salts are taken up by the blood and deposited in other
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the least possible injury, ulcers result. These varicose ulcers are diffi-
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by bringing the thread through the strips of adhesive plaster and
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currence of the disease in hot climates and in early fall in our own climate,
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than the connective-tissue framework. When a part of a living body
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activity. This last idea seems to have the most foundation in fact.
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cal conditions are identical with of typhoid fever : lilth, bad .sewer-
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cess of tissue change needs no hastening, and those with exhausted nervous
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and assist digestion, or when their use is followed by an increase in strength
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tumor be felt, it will fluctuate ; but rarely is there a distinct tumor.
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of muscular power, with a disposition to sleep. The blood is hydrsemic.
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leave a peculiar, puckered, white scar. After suppuration has oc-
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must reside within a quarter of a mile of the Hospital.
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space. In extreme old age the lungs atrophy, they crepitate less, the pleura
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other conditions which indicate that the subject is neurotic. There
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symptoms would be those due to obstruction to the entire systemic venous
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The mesentery and omentum are also studded with granules. The adhe-
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of many brain tumors, in draining abscesses, and in the removal of for-
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poisons which give rise to the acute infectious diseases, by malaria (and it
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conditions in which its primary development occurred, or a fresh bron-
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the mucous membrane of the whole or a part of the oesophagus. It is an
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Emaciation is an early and constant symptom of phthisis ; but it is
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objects may be blown, hurled or driven into the tissues and their pres-
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geration of the deformity, and pressure upon the projecting bone, with
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brane, or in the peritoneal cavity, or externally, will result fatally.
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falls almost to a normal standard, while the temperature remains high.
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Thus only tlie le])ra bacilli are colored, even if the tubercle bacilli are
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not be confounded with perineal abscess. The causes are lesions affect-

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