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does not appear that any local cause of disease was at this time in action, either

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me to inquire into the diet taken on the preceding day, when a statement was

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ceded. The women report delirium (?) in consequence of which a priest

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Dr. J. M. Jonah, of the Maine Medical Association ; Dr. Bulkley, of the

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are to be reimbursed up to the $50 per diem plus first

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day the same. In a few hours more the patient became delirious, and

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her digestion was corrected, but each attempt at instruction or at play caused

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this is the specific cause of influenza in man, for the following reasons :

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operation of craniotomy ; 1, by the help of the forceps; l,by the lever, and

rinostat plus medicine hat

The Spleen seemed of good consistence in all — tearing with a granular

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and adopted a new Certificate of Livebirth which will

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tubercle and the chemical composition of scrofulous products.

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'' Many more cases of the above description might be adduced, if necessary, for

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bodies of the vertebrae could be detected, nor any additional fracture.

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mine no doubt, was but partly villous; but, unlike what I have described

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