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of the old members out of seventeen territorial representatives in the next
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A Text-Book of Practical Therapeutics. With especial reference to
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tients that year, it is the number of people admitted in the year 1971 with a diagno-
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The Treatment of Severe Albuminuria Associated with
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to the third lumbar spine, and passing from this outward in a somewhat
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the state of his health, which had evidently been impaired by his official labours,
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gallon. One fact worthy of notice here is, that eight or ten minutes after
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and treated as though the laryngitis were diphtheritic. Steam medicated
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joints ligamentously strong, is very much greater than the laceration in
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cartilaginous pseudo-membrane, j inch thick. A cylindrical cyst, 1 inch in diam-
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rhage from the pedicle, slipping of the knot within six hours after the opera-
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portant is the outward flaring of the iliac wings. Dys-
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The President also signed into law a $673.6 million
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timony failed to persuade the Legislature to enact the
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great assistance to the surgeon of limited experience in this class of work,
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so as to rest on its edge. A similar case was recorded by Dr. John Watson, of
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any reason for connecting the operation and the subsequent discharge with the
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was found to be a glandular swelling. In No. 25, the aneurism was mis-
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labour of the Patient. Incision of the Os Uteri. Read before the Boston
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teachers show the need of frequent and careful inspection as regards the
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any part of the world, while the latter term, so far from being appropriate
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their occupation. Immediately an unwonted hilarity seized the party ; they
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may look back upon us as well-meaning, but clumsy and benighted bar-
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outer layer of the blastoderma was continuous with the fcetal parietes and
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Frontal headache is often associated with gastric disturbance, but also
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has been opened and the gall-bladder isolated and drawn out of the wound,
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cervix being rigid. He gave chloral to soften the os and relax the parts,
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Under present circumstances, it will not be possible to have more than six
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the patient is obese and will tax the capabilities of
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namic state are to be evaluated, plain film examination is adequate. Fluoroscopy
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attendant, but a source of anxiety, of complaint, and even of danger, to the
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escape through the accidental opening left. If, then, a more free escape for the
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IV. The Douche — the Shower Bath. — The douche is one of the most
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There is yet a more important fact overlooked by others. But one kind of cells
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inferior vertebra, making the opening into the spinal canal one inch and a
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the starched apparatus, if applied after the swelling has gone down, is of the greatest
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distended, j9«i??/w/ on pressure^ bowels disturbed four times in the night,
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Sciences, for the year 1834, and the November number for 1835, Dr.
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Managers of the University Hospital the director was authorized to set aside

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