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6. Epididymitis. The inflammation may travel back along through
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examination, systolic, soft, blowing, and unaccompanied by cardiac hyper-
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the size of a nut. The lung may be honey-combed with abscesses the
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by exhaustion orsepticremia. Some cases of sudden and unexpected death
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tiges of the growth. This is more successful than cauterization. Cases
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temperature, but the wound will be devoid of pain and only slightly
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period of invasion, wliirb lasts from twenty-four to forty-eight hours ;
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When the vagina, rectum, or labia are involved there will be more or
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tumors are painless. In cancer the nodules are hard, tender, and firm ;
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Horses/* Ac), assisted by Eminent Fanden. [May also be had in Diyisions, aa
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often filled with fluid, and the superficial abdominal veins on the right
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action ; later it is mingled with bile. The vomiting temporarily relieves
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