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clean by means of a weak solution of some antiseptic, and may then be

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for a great majority of students coming from countries for-

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lower extremities, and it was also confirmed by experiments on animals.

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cases to begin with the mildest procedures, and increase the duration

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theoretical basis for my belief. Inasmuch as many excellent authori-

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return to accustomed health by the end of a week or ten days. The

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pliysical exhaustion, sexual excesses, fear, depressing ^notions, etc. The

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these cases of chronic infection than it does in cases of acute

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The uncertainty of diagnosis here steps in to mar possible success.

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all long bones, makes the resulting stump bulbous in form, a

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be made ready in the following manner : A double blanket is spread

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Many operations on the brain are now done and are com-

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good reason to believe that a pathogenic germ or germs may

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in the very young and the aged. Complications influencing the prog-

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water enables the physician so to enhance the patient's resisting power

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may be connected with the fountain syringe containing the boiled

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best berries, and goes on producing day after day during a

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The rationale of the drip sheet may be explained upon the same

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are unmodified guillotine operations; the majority are not. and

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of a uniform bright scarlet color. If we examine more closely, we find

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tlie Dominion by '• FI.l' "" may lie the best liood thing to come out

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Embolic infarctions, having their origin in thrombi occupying the right

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one bottle of red wine daily ; later, bouillon and eggs, so that patients

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ence fully agrees with his statement as to its comparative frequency in

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in itself is an indication that the individual recommendations have

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Deaver, T. S. K. Morton, Porter, Barton, La Place, Willard,

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It is probable, as Golgi suggests, that the third variety is not intimately

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and Doctor Wliite, secretary. Circular letters were sent to all

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intoxication. This use of water in gout applies most particu-

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on the order of a wart. This melon usually comes from

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wrung out of water at a temperature of 50° F. applied over the abdo-

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