Can You Use Proctosedyl When Pregnant

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have reason to believe this too high, say 100° or 102°. Hence it is that

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pharynx, 1 per cent in the thyroid and 11 per cent on her skin. In the male, 16 per

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similar reaction occurs in some other morbid conditions.

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when an innocuous and non-irritating compound is formed. Guaiacol

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Silver Medal, Thos, G, Devitt ; the Trinity Gold Medal, P. D. White,

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upward course, it split the tongue horizontally, passed through the middle

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[Fine desiccated cocoanut powder can be obtained from Messrs. Lyon

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to escape through it for a considerable period; followed by a permanent and radi-

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mitting its applicability. Alone, it cannot be a test of much value ; but may

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strongest affinity for it ; this will always be found to be either morbid pro-

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M. Dauriol records five cases in which he has successfully employed thi^

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angeioma, tubercle, and lipoma. The first case of cancer was reported by

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Indeed, it is so easily acted upon by oxidieing agents that iodic acid HIOj

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blood, rendering il dark-coloured, and deficient in its saline ingredients, and

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mentions a case bearing upon this point, where a draining had continued for

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the invasion of Boa, Vista by fever stand in the relation of cause and effect.

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the local lesion. Where the local symptoms predominate, the general

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coronary artery disease than is available through a double Master Step Test.

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eral Session highlighting the places of tourist inter-

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melted down. The decomposition produced by it often causes a hissing sound.

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Introductory Lecture delivered to the Medical class of the Bershire Medical In-

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tory of phthisis, fifteen of carcinoma, fifty-seven of irregularity of men-

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— After much discussion regarding the propinquity of

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as much fresh air obtained as is needed. — American Practitioner and

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on July 8, 1800, when he vaccinated his son Daniel, age

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NEXT to pelvic inflammation there is, perhaps, no other disease that

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some time after, and the patient ultimately recovered.

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There are still a few pathologists who adhere to the old opinion that cyanosis

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sidering the frequency of milk accumulation in the breasts of male as well

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recommendation of new and improved inhalation-anaesthetics, such as

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to resemble cream. These efl^ects are the result of long continued irritation ;

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was snoring in a most determined and alarming manner. More noise still,

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H. H. Oldright, who applied ethyl-chloride spray, I made a counter

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The observations of Miiller led to the belief, that the caudate and spindle-shape of

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the inclination and opportunity for a more extended investigation of the subject.

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lad remained quite insensible. Compresses, with cold water, were ordered to the

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