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2. Amend Article VI., Section 1, by inserting in the
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an exception to what I have just observed. Among the profoundly studious,
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President issue standards to serve as a guide for de-
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or maximal heart rate. However, if an oscilloscopic
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partments. These will be discussed later in this re-
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This observer has compared Unna-Tanzer's method with the method
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says, ' of scrofulous patients, lakes place by the chest; one may even assert that
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XIX. A Treatise on the Diseases of the Eye. By W. Lawrence, F. R. S.,
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fragment” sign. This indicates that the lesion is soft
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tional irritation.' II Now these occurrences may and do take place also in the
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There is a rare disease, mercurial palsy, which obstinately resists the
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EuPLASY, and such formations may be styled euplastic. The diseases
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shall make recommendations to the Council and shall
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yet been set at rest, viz. : — has ether the effect, as supposed by M. Velpeau, of
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lesions. The probability is, that the poison is absorbed, and at once de-
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among the narcotics and all the modern ones call them inert, or nearly so.
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Lord Chief Justice King, however, ruled that if the prisoners maliciously inflicted
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the Rules Committee reversed itself and voted to put
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58. Malignant Disease of the Eye. — Dr. Dalrymple showed to the Pathological
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finds little in the present system to commend. In the appointment of
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When I arrived bleeding had ceased, but soon commenced again.
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was 220 days old. Pelzer's method of injecting two ounces of glycerine
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bed-time and 2 grs. of calomel and 4 grs. of James' powder once in four
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would be desired here; and, finally, he has pointed out such modifications of
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Surgery in the Treatment of the Uterus and its Appendages, William H.
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done, and three ounces of pus withdrawn. Five days later the process
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although they are perfectly innocent. To all such growths, Lebert has given the
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