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years I have tried to ascertain from all my patients
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invariably positive, and if the blood is negative the
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wise congestions of the upper air passages may pre-
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natural, her skin cool, her tongue clean, and but little cough :
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is not excessive it seems that occupational therapy
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of the Spanish tincture of iodine — ten per cent. —
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posing the effects of a pressure constantly varying and unequal ;
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times followed by peritonitis. A wound of the rectum is of rare
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fect accordance with the progress of the organic changes, viz.
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juries so well as men, but observers competent enough to form
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Secretary. Section in Gastroejttterology and Proctology.
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producing posterior urethritis and prostatitis this
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In fact, we do not hesitate to assert, that the chemical processes
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order, however, that our readers may be able to form some
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perforation in typhoid fever without operation were
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wriggle about ; drum on the table with her fingers,
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It requires considerable practical experience on the part of
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and my first experiment to effect it almost turned the scale of
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broken down ; heart healthy ; old adhesions general over left
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treated without any result for a posterior gonorrheal
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development, so, when left to itself, it will always advance in
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cary possesses, of the laboratory, the age, quantity, and condition of
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destruction of the infectious expectoration are car-
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were regular, I gave no internal medicines, but caused the be-
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the sun is almost hot, to such a degree that a per-
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exempt from the morbid influence, are those which lie in a line along
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gastrocnemius muscles. The tendo Achilles which l5oth the backache and bradycardia are due to the
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mus were treated by ice bags to the head, leeches to
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are acute, subacute or chronic, these being given in
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into one nostril while the other is closed, and the larynx pressed
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ont pour base le tissu cellulo-fibreux, jaune surcharge de fibrine le tissu charnu
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duty than of interest, must be received with respect. The con-
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cork, afforded, by the application of lime-water, two grains of dry
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work of reference, we could have wished it to have been perfect
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Nonspecific protein treatment of other diseases has
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ilo and he was finally assigned to the stock depart-
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nostrils. The rabbit died two days later, apparently
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few days after this an extensive inflammation of the skin, with
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hibition went into effect it would settle some very
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fellow of the opposite side ; it strikes the eye at once as being larger,
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of the first of these stages of disease into the second ; but of the truth
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spinal fluid is alkaline, and the intrathecal injection
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ing possible a better restoration of the features if
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