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implication of the veins and evidences of nephritic complications, point to
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is not admissible, but a dailv movement of the bowels without exhausting
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the outline of the hepatic cells is lost, and nothing but a mass of granules
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sweats occur ; the gastric symptoms become urgent, and there is persistent
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audible for months after the fluid has disappeared. If, as sometimes hap-
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Conjluent Small-pox, or Variola Confluens. — This is a much more severe
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characterized by the formation of an extensive necrotic membrane, the
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tween forty and sixty. Sex has no marked influence over its development ;
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lymphoid cells. The lining membrane of the gall-bladder sometimes pre-
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antipvretic in diseases where intestinal absorption is an element in the jjro-
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IS followed by dull pain and weight in the right hypochondrium, the pain
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lation. This may be done by encouraging the circulation through the
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the heart failure is the result of the prolonged high temperature, or the
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no germs. Apparently the tissues have either gained mastery over the
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effusion, a friction sound will be heard over the affected side with more or
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variety usually met with in acute (specific) diseases attended by high tem-
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the accident, and the fact that the patient felt a cracking of the bone,
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or larger than the normal hepatic lobules, and almost completely sur-
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healtii ; in other instances, there is for a long time a slight bronchial ca-
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different symptoms. The diagnosis is usually made by eliminating other
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brought into active operation with hydragogue cathartics, diuretics and
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meant crushing the stone within the bladder, afterwards by suitable
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flexed, with the ilia in normal position, and. then extended, lordosis of
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person afterward continuing in good health. Subluxations of these
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very distinct, and is limited in its diffusion. It is never heard at the xiphoid
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months, £10 lOs. Certificates of proficiency are granted to competent
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As before mentioned, some of the bacteria are capable ot
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The fever is remittent, and higher in the evening than in the morning.
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or it may perforate the walls of the chest and be discharged externally. In
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Tho most frequent complications which cause death are those which occur
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minutes apply hot cloths over the hernia, and then try taxis again for
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is possible at any moment, and a very common ending, being more common
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Morbid Anatomy. — Epithelioma begins in the mucous tissue, and pursues
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impossibilitv, still there are conditions which are known to be antagonistic

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