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of clot associated with platelet and plasma factor de-

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He does not think that the stomach change can be the only cause of this

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Muscular pain and neuralgias of rheumatic origin are relieved by antipy-

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gram for the first five months of the present fiscal

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be moistened in water and twisted, either alone or two or more together, so as to

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diagnosis of unicameral bone cysts; Radiology 92:949-953,

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of the ergot ceased, the patient slept awhile with less flowing, but she

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Pean, Segond, and Jacobs, especially suitable for vaginal total extirpation.

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during that time slight crampy pains on the right side. Once or twice

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rather than endure such bondage, the best of them have resigned their

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have broken out in both Eastern and Western Europe.

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The Semmelweiss International Memorial. — On September 2nd,

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there be no blood in the specimen, no tumor, no stone, no ulcer in the

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but also of preventing the spread of small-pox, and of ultimately eradicating

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may terminate as a leukemia. It is a disease of mid-

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tion of a part of the cartilage ; disappearance of the deformity. By M. Heylen. — J. C,

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vulsions and paralysis of the right arm came on the sixth day, after recovery

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"lymphs," "antitoxins," and "defensive proteids" in other diseases

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from an absolute deficiency of food; but all agreed in not having used fresh vege-

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tory powers, the static equihbrium is destroyed, the renal parenchyma may become

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very young human ovum, in a paper obnoxious to the charge of such un-

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who are willing to endure a considerable amount of pain, and who will

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to Guy's Hospital and to the Hospital for Sick Children, London, refers

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continued if skin reactions persist. Recent reports indicate that

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blood is more suddenly and effectually abstracted than by leeches, besides

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record of a series of observations, ''classified and reasoned upon," so as to exhibit

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