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circumstances of those who are drawn to their ministrations.

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posit secondary to scirrhus of pylorus. The inner surface of

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means of averting danger from lipemorrhage in tliese eases,

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rhcea" is u-ted in this communication because it seems capable

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last as long as 4 days. Since a person who is about to sufier

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Lupine, and Chauveau and Kaufmann. That the pancreas,

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that the regulation is said to be framed, not for the purpose

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in the kinr;dom. Should it be suggested that such selection

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Gradle, Chicago ; Mr. (;. S. Greenwood, Ossett ; F. W. A. Godfrey, M.B.,

ponstel 250 reviews

this t)i~trict will take place on Friday, Slay isth, at the Ho'pital, Graves-

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buried in organised lymph is all that remains of the numerous

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hectic Chart 2, which is that of a patient who recovered

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review is mainly concerned with topographical " artefacts " of

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closet and urinal, although both could be easily placed in

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London Fever Hospital, he, at Louis's suggestion, collected

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Mr. Wooii White showed a case of Exostosis of the Frontal'

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tific character : Nebsecht'" is represented as devoted to sur-

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course as it, ought to be, and in accordance, we understand, with the

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Routh was an important point, though he had himself only

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former opponents have been compelled to acknowledge one

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encouragement to state their case with perfect candour.

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tn the North Riding Infirmary, Middlesbrough, vice William Ketchen,

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ing and aspiration of the gall bladder must be referred to.

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hyperpyrexia, while the classical physical signs were delayed,

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parts of the country, pauper patients have still to suffer. The Associa-

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be compulsorily retired should the Government of Ireland Bill become

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