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Becton, M.D. and Joe D. Christian, Jr., M.D., Augus-
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to me to be irrational to say that a mild attack of any disease should be
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former it is to the great nervous centre alone that the evil is to be traced.
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dilatation of the os. Of course the silk handkerchief would not fill the
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cardiogram, but only sagging or horizontal depression
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vague and indefinite, no objection can be made to the plan of treatment
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less and odorless powder of a greenish-yellow color. When used as a
perfopil 50 years
6. The duration of labour. — I am aware there is considerable difficulty
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consumption at Berlin, an opportunity was afforded for the following interesting
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Description of a New Method of Making the Incision in the
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tilage, I believed that it might be removed. I proceeded in the following man-
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Manley's method are simple palliatives, and their use is very limited.
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quence of the displacement which the head of the bone had suffered, was situated
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L. Greenberg, L. Newton Turk, III, John S. Atwater.
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the stone floor of a dimly-lighted cell, for almost eighteen months ; suffer-
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of pure oxygen may help, as well as trying to improve oxidation by mass-
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elderly people, as well as in younger, the lungs being unaffected. We are
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Secretaries — Alfred Stille, M.D., Philadelphia; J. R. VV. Dunbar, M. D., Bal-
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continues. Tenderness continues, though less. Size of uterus slightly
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of January, 1832, secured the other. The operation was successful.
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cipline is to develop in adults. (Giving self-discipline
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King and J. D. Thorburn ; Treasurer, Dr. B. L. Riordan ; Secretary, Dr.
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influence of the laws of gravity on the circulation of bfood, was the cause of
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she was primarily subjected was sufficient to account for the sad result.
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