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tent of the primary arterial disease. The limitations
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to eight grains, immediately after each meal. It relieves the pain in the
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times a-day, while, at the same time, a bath of iodine, iodide of potassium, and
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the separation of the precipitates, and a proper degree of evaporation, crystals of
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unaccompanied by pain, and it was only during traction that any signs of suffering
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even then was not new ; he says, " Si quidem apud antiquos quoque ante
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vestige of a sign of dissent. Dr^ Smith is a strong man in his own section,
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In each of two vessels I caught eight and a half ounces, by weight, of arterial
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have albumin in the urine, which was rapidly increasing in amount in
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deliver the closing address Friday evening, April 14, in the Phoenix
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which it was done. The very moment that I first saw him, it occurred to
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occurred about six o'clock in the evening). On the following morning the only
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a compress saturated with a solution of boric acid. This precaution has
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Dr. Physick was led to the suggestion of leaden ligatures " by a know-
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discussed " Nephritis in its Surgical Aspects " before the Congress of Amer-
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young man should attempt to enter the abdominal cavity without first
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1. Amend Article V., Section 1, of the Constitution
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During my residence in Peru, a plan was in agitation for establishing a quinine
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putrefaction by means of drugs was at present unsatisfactory. (9) The
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This was followed by a rather profound paper by Dr. Hurlburt; subject,
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Dr. Tison, of Paris, reported on a new local anaesthetic which he
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cases, was aborted, while the average deviation did not exceed three
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blood corpuscles, no red ones ; a few renal epithelial cells, and a few hyaline
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The yellow colour of the surface, which has been regarded as pathogno-
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salivated, blistered between the shoulders and took iodine, but without
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The most ancient method is that of transplantation; as where a piece of skin
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ment continued, as no bile entered the bowel. Occasionally, he would
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We know that in the most of the neurasthenic, anaemic, and neuralgic we
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!! Adverse Reactions: Blood dyscrasias: agranulocytosis,

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