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spiracies (e.g., the Establishment) or familial malev-

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of Berlin, w^here the adhesions were such that he merely punctured the tumour

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ments and stretched while drying, so as to retain the twist, which will remain

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that where tubercular or unorganizable matter becomes deposited in any of

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Ring in a Lead Ligature. By J. C. Nott, M. D., of Mobile, Ala. - - 402

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microbic and other infection and hastens desiccation is the one best

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Medical Association in its suit declaring price commis-

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'^The treatment of carcinomatous disease, when the deposit takes place in the

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that a middle-aged man who intoxicates himself with

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eases in Georgia, the development of area facilities for

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appeared to originate in Bokhara in May, 1889, and reached New York in

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cise not only harmless in its effects, but even calculated to give the mind additional

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Clindamycin and erythromycin estolate were compared

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right cornua of uterus, in the upper and back part of roof of tumor on

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treme lethargy, weakness, postural hypotension with

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weakened condition, to a more rapid progress of his tubercular trouble.

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affected parts. This portion of the work will, we suspect, be the one most

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function ; in large amounts it produces a depression of both rate and

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those affected with scrofula contains urobenzoic and oxalic acids, in phthisical pa-

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than the daytime. The table is to be read thus: — 58 children were born

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symptoms of subacute peritonitis and intestinal strangulation manifested them-

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Professor Gibson of the University of Pennsylvania, was one of the first to pre-

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