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tempt Adam to eat the fruit. Adam ate it but had no

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be effused amid the surrounding blood-vessels. The microscopical examination

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Thus we have the characteristic peripheral extension and the broad, flat,

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obtained. It is reported that the destruction of the refuse is complete,

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air, quiet, rest from great exertion, whether mental or bodily, but especially the

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have received from him ; but I gladly acknowledge that a still higher duty

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Art. III. — Note on the frequency of the Pulse, and Respiration of the

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out, and that all litde comforts are properly attended to."

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The quantity of chloride of sodium excreted in the urine by a healthy

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noose at one of its free ends, fully six inches long. In, or upon the noose,

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Sth. 9 A.M. Decubitus same as yesterday; stupor continues; lids

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First Place — “Examination of the Hand” — James L.

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lay with its abdominal side nearly flat on the surface of the umbilical vesi-

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be doubted that inflammation has a great tendency to favour it ; so that a

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this lady, who hitherto had been sterile, conceived, and bore a healthy

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energy, and a moderate amount of capital, furnish a guarantee — a very

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after operation. Should this patient not present further symptoms, the

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attention to this subjectj and endeavour to supply the public with a preparation at

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on Education: Education for Family Practice; Kansas Citv,

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readers a general outline of some of the more prominent pathological views

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wholly inoperable are those in which there is not alone infiltration of the

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therein between the word “Secretary” and the word

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The banquet of the students of the Medical Faculty of the University

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years, but I would hesitate to say it is final or unalterable. I have not yet

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leading articles that both raw and boiled milk have their digestibility very

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them together, and an aversion for bodily labor, and an inability to perform

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