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artem ; but in those days the principles of medicine as taught by Syden-
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leading articles that both raw and boiled milk have their digestibility very
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set forth as the characteristic and most important feature. It is scarcely necessary
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entities that relate to or are affected by Congressional
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the Corso, and in the thickest of the fight was the Queen and her
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the aggregate of whose ages is 14,326, that of their pulses 15,838. The
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appeared tinged of a yellowish colour. It is worthy of remark that there
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House adopted this portion of the reference commit-
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in various hospitals and colleges in Canada, England, and the States by the
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brought the matter to the writer's attention. Dr. Murphy, of Chicago,
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grape, canister, fragments of iron and copper shells, and stones knocked by the
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we see nothing but oval bodies about twice the size of a human blood globule, or
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exceedingly doubtful. But this has been completely proved by the most careful
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from its commencement to the end of life, thus : in the embryo the number
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more and more replaced fluoroscopy. However, there are still some questions that
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representing the Association as its head man in these
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6277 Roswell Road, NW/Atlanta, Georgia/Sandy Springs Plaza/252-8706
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generally remarked that the character of the papers was quite up to the
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that had been taken from her during this seizure by the nurse. She had
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ether, brought with it the danger of gangrene of the frozen tissues, to
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diabetes or in diabetes complicated by acidosis or coma where
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Annual Meeting of the Georgia State Nurses Associa-
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tubercle, or, to speak more correctly, on the fact that the acute stage of
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which many days are frequently required to decide correctly whether there is not
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Committee on Medical Literature. — Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Boston, Chairman;
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