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sentence of Section 1 would read as follows: “Delegates

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ply and allow the smallest number of germs to propagate themselves in

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have coincided with this advanced condition of its membranes.

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course is singularly abridged. Professor Schonlein, of Berlin, asserts

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to the valuable properties of the Sarsaparilla, which want of space in this short de-

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M.D., Professor of Medicine, Associate Professor of

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cally available as anaesthetics without producing irritation. First, as strong

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Dr. Clark said, that he thought the suggestion of Dr. B. a highly important one;

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of phenocoU in lithia water every two hours. The amount of urine is rapidly

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Post-mortem appearances sixteen Jwurs after death. — Stomach partially

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any well directed treatment in cases of epilepsy and paralysis, and this

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DOCTOR If you do not have an established collection service in your

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with eifasion of lymph; headache. — December: globe gave way, conjunctiva

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operated upon by Arendt, where death, as in all the previous cases, closed

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by state assisted tumor clinics and by private physi-

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mouth, lips, andnostrils being covered with a similar dark-coloured exudation.

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the body of the sphenoid, and found it bathed and soaked in most offensive

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cases by day and night, the irregularities committed by men who had for some

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Hunter Mackenzie, in British Medical Journal, 1893, gives an analy-

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taries for the above provinces, named in order : Drs. Fenwick, of Kings-

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we have, on the other side of the question, the weight of authority and of

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operated on is generally small, by the presence of these ptomaines

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Following is a list of candidates who have passed the primary examination of the

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Pean, Segond, Jacobs, Landau, and Doyen have generally found it

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the House of Delegates, or in his absence, the Vice-

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delivered to the Canadian Institute of Homoeopathy, and published in

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which requires great powers of reaction. It consists of a column of water,

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moist or dry, the bowels constipated or not. opium must be given. The consti-

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evolved through the long ages, and we believe that we are realizing our

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from the antimony and ipecacuanha; less tenderness over the uterine

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an improvement over existing techniques, whereas the available data suggests that

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in all cases in which the catamenial flux is suspended, for there are many cases

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takes no notice of them whatever; there is strabismus of both eyes; and the pulse

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rise to pyrosis and many other forms of dyspepsia, that those difficult cases arise

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