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injections may interfere with this normal acidity, and thus chemically

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intestinal putrefaction, and of relieving symptoms of intestinal indigestion.

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have the effect of inculcating correct principles in the diagnosis and treatment of

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plugging the wound with lint. Hemorrhage recurred six times after this,

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this move. It has been wisely conceived and planned

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the epithelium is not that of a typical epithelioma, since the cells, although

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fibroblasts from patients with congenital erythropoietic

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fatally, considerable uncertainty has attended the diseases ascribed to these struc-

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tinued efforts at obtaining appropriate legislation to

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13 were not ; thus furnishing a ratio of 1*4 for every illegitimate to every

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friends may have been subjected. The chances of an early recovery, if the dis-

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niteness to this theory, Centanni {Deutsch. med. Woch., 1894, Nos. 7 and 8)

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tumours, but the greater sluggishness of the latter depends simply upon the slighter

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operates as a private hospital primarily for rapid or short-term treatment of

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the operation, symptoms of inflammation of the brain arose," but were

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leaving the free virus to recommence its ravages. Too great quantities of

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to engage in business, whether under contract direct or implied, without

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watercourses were more or less obstructed by the debris of the forest, so

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groups these cases into nine subdivisions. In some cases there was

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see no reason why they should not be much greater. Last year it was

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of science and humanity. By one in particular, however, a high degree of enco-

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ence of the limb, about two inches above the internal malleolus. The

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believe that it acquired still greater virulence while the crew were at the fort.

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Out of the same number, viz., 820, twenty-one were bom dead. This shows a

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condly, to those of reeded instruments ; and thirdly, to those of membranous

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low fever has not yet, and probably never will be, certainly ascertained.

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strips of same length as in duodenum. About four or five feet from the

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blood sugar down.^*^ On the other hand, the statistics i

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from the interior of the cyst; on the fifth day it became purulent, thence gradually

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