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day. From this time the pulse began to moderate in frequency.

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maintaining that admixture of the two currents has no influence whatever in pro-

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suture, and stretching tells especially on this incision previously made. This last

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piece of zinc foil, and to the other a piece of silver ; connect them by a copper

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calumha, quassia, and simaruba: but it differs considerable from these, and is

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Dr. Vernon St. Clair Halliday, a promising young physician, died

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Of great benefit in four cases of renal colic treated by the author.

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he believes, to faulty methods of examination. — Brooklyn Medical Journal.

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question of their essence as the first object of research. The title of his

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swering any arguments, but simply contained a coarse and vulgar personal

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21. Suda, T., DeLuca, H. F., Schnoes, H. K., Ponchon,

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labours were completed, leaving 388 to be accomplished in the remaining

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plete a post-graduate program approved for such pur-

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regions of the body, or the structural differences in the various strata of

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demonstrated if one attempts to reduce a dislocated shoulder in a muscu-

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in connection with his country practice which were irresistibly funny ;

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efits of continuing education to patient care are so

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the operator the opportunity of bringing together the borders of the fistula almost

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My experience has gradually reduced the various radical remedies to

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recommended. (5) The observations so far have not been sufficient to

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very slowly. Hence, the paleness, and hence also the lividness of the surface,

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•abscess, whose walls are formed by the thickened and infiltrated (with serum)

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cases, also, the bowels may move several times after the pain begins, so

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the problems of bums, entitled, “Contemporan," Burn

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mate elements exist in both. Thus fat might be made in some cases to replace

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