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which I am attached as medical officer, wherein at the end of

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The blood pressure does not fall to any extent until after the

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ends of one or both carotids of the animal, whose cerebral

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meeting of subscribers to this fund was held on January 12th,


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ment to hold an International Meteorological Conference

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which M. Haffkine's vaccination has in view is to enable

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A limited poxt-mortem examination was performed sixteen

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The number of ratepayers' representatives is determined by

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The four d'Apjiel of Alexandria, while confirming judgment.

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poisons, such as typhoid fever, septiciemia, syphilis, that

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titioner, who is not the medical officer of the workhouse, such a fee as

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the heart failure which is stated to have been the immediate

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fortunes told. The tariff' was moderate ; the grand jeu was, I

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petuated as an example to the future generations it was Dr. Blaney. The

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theria which has of late years so steadily increased in this

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solution gives all the reactions characteristic of peptone, the

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the tissues and organs might also receive more lengthy

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only method of infection. These facts throw light on the diffi-

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Egypt To-day : the First to the Third Khedive. By W. Fraser Rae.

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After some remarks by Mr. Alban Doran, Dr. Hale White

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complete view of therapeutics as applied to a given disease

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He also concurred in condemning the use of the term

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ham Hospital Reform Committee, of which our chairman and

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In November she had three fits, after which she was weak and

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Seveeal of our service contemporaries have lately com-

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the great colony in which he has decided to remain.

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Dr. Fox, in reply, said that in one case there was auto-

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After the natural respiration had ceased, artificial respiration

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not recognised by the present certificate, and it is rarely done,

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as well as the vertebrals and carotids. In order to estimate-

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titled to say to the defendants, "You cannot erect your hospital in our

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Sir 0. Bell and Dr. Marshall Hall had been made, but the

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broken down by influenza two years ago he regularly walked

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where we see : mean blood pressure, 67 ; pulse rate per

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served and described almost everything, and by many others

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cholera patients in the Hamburg hospitals immediately

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and although still absorbent has acquired a peculiar elastic character,

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Surgeon-Colonel F. W. Wade is promoted to be Surgeon-Major-General,

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beeu issued, 41 men and l;j women were admitted, 8 men and 1 woman

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In the British Medical Jottknal of September 10th, 1892,

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considered due to the coalescence of the inoculations, and

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