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the premium on such bond to be paid by the Associa-
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beyond the ordinary, and created unusually high expectations among those
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careful microscopic examination are recommended frequent
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births in the month of April, (the first day of which is emphatically the
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Intra-uterine irrigation in endometritis purulenta, without disturbing
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M. Gerdy could not think that compression, with strips of adhesive plaster,
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the information and skills necessary to perform the
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to see such patients literally drag themselves about, exhausting what little
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kidneys were quite amenable to treatment ; prognosis was fair even after
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up by the skin or membrane stretched across the bottom of the fissure.
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spoke highly of the use of the stomach tube in dyspepsia, and he had
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period of the complete restoration of consciousness. Making apparently an effort
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ble aspect of things. Nothing could exceed the loveliness of the weather, if I may so
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the last 11 years, selective coronary cinearteriog-
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as the types of a large class of diseases, we may mention a case of phlebitis
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propagated by nervous communication or otherwise, to different parts of the system,
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severe intoxica'ion, a state in which no surgeon would be desirous of having a
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utter impossibility of effecting it, may be afforded by the simple experiment of
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application of the cold water should be continued as before. V/hen seen about
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essential fever arises from a cause acting upon a particular part, the first impres-
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Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, vol. ii., p. 180. — A case, by Mr. Ander-
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engaging the attention of the pathologist, from the fact that this affection,
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from the presence of the opening below. The intestinal adhesions, which
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there are hundreds of medical graduates in the province who feel on this sub-
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ble, and I suggest that you waste no time in search-
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cation, or both, and where the spinal cord has been injured, producing
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XI. Case of William Freeman, the Murderer of the Van Nest Family. By
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mittee voted to support this approach with funds if
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an examination as was possible, in its enlarged condition. Passed the ends
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lochia, moderate temperature, the bronchitis, depression, muscular pains,
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Bellingham, M. D., Edin. London, 1847. (From the Author.)
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dents, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Speak-
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commotion, and especially during fevers. In many cases, also, caffein
side effects of olmezest h 40
vomit. Suppression of urine was so common a symptom, that it has been men-

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