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the contraction was close and not readily disposed to yield. By degrees,

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occurring in columns, are not cylindrical, nor have these columns any

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naval surgeons of the present day have had no opportunity of becoming acquainted

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how remote the date of the original infection. It is, perhaps, possible

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were vicious. The ex-president was so seriously affected that he appar-

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fically set forth, the author giving special prominence to the relations of the

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a highly concentrated state, a tablespoonful being equivalent to a pint of the ordinary

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a previous attack, and during a service of over twenty years no person was

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58, a bill to require periodic re-examination for visual

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ably brought about by degenerative changes in the organs interested in

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The treatment consisted in the administration of tonics and stimulants,

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by which he claimed that potassium permanganate was an efficient anti-

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to practitioners under the above title is really erysipelas, commencing in the fauces,

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Failure ! Antagonism ! Abuses ! are objections which apply to the

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Why the peculiar modifications of disease which we have supposed to be

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Afterwards mercurial frictions were made use of. The patient made a speedy

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least of such a manoeuvre, it was treating the ovum with very little re-

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"undue depletion and defective nutrition in scrofulous inflammation of the eye,


ness activities. If anyone desires more information

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found calomel useful in removing undigested material from the bowels,

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mild asymptomatic diabetic patients with abnormal glucose

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Further adhesions are produced where laceration of the ligaments has

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the thirty-seven ; at this period of the disease, the eye was clear, but dull

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vagina. The patient, aged 40, had had three children within the previous three

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apparent functional disorder commensurate with the injury found. It is

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After a few days, if the pieces are found to be getting dry, the bark already in-

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on Insurance and Economics with a request for a 17 per

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particularly obliged for his copious notes upon his cases of puerperal fever,

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gastrium and along the course of the oesophagus, and a shrivelled state of

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genuity of man has yet achieved no railroad conveyance for the body, and

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using the ordinary electrolysis for a period extending over six months,

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