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generous aid would be given in the way of bequests by many who are in
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morbid products," says he, " everything which is really and materially
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A young man, aged sixteen, swallowed, on the night of Feb. 19, at twenty mi-
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maybe given earlier in the treatment than most other remedies of the same class.
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the Institution. Published by order of the Board of Managers. Philada,, 1846.
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The records of its advocates show this ; hence a word of caution as
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plays, and other literary exercises, together with labour, constitute our best, and, in
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but the evidence of disease in those organs being obscure, while the severity of
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modern times; but which had been so completely eradicated in these countries as
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thought this not likely to occur within four or five days. Perforation
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Reports of the Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane, with a sketch of its his-
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dyspnoea. We, too, have fibrous rheumatism as a sequel of influenza,
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healthy colour in all the cases observed ; the liver was greatly enlarged
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patient evaluations. Utilization of these services by
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local review committees. The review of medical care can be done most accurately
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have never had a gonorrhoea or any known inflammatory lesion of the
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* Prepared at the request of The Medical Association of Georgia. Mr. Moore is a member of the firm
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superficial ulcerations of the throat — and adds, that these relap.-es are most com-
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employment and salaries of all personnel necessary to
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presented all over the state by volunteers for the GHA, and 349,000 pieces of
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Sir Joseph Lister. — The Council of the Society of Arts has, with the
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Although the disease possesses but very ^aw essential, or strictly diagnos-
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siderably at variance with most reports, the number of male children generally
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All observers, except Friedlander, believe it occurs only secondarily.
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Mark's Hospital, London, etc., etc. Eight chromo-lithographs and 17
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on : in moderately warm weather it wnll adhere of itself, especially if it is sat upon
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those in the North, Dr. Nott thus attempts to explain. ^' May it not be ac-
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many exceptions in the history of yellow fever, and a memorable one has already
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year 1823, Dr. Macgill, of Maryland, tied both carotids in the case of a
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edly in that it has been given an unwarranted impli-
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Avoidance of all and every local treatment in the peritoneal forms of
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Victor C. Vaughan in regard to ptomaine poisoning is exceedingly interest-
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scrofula: "lis sont plus gros chez les sujets predisposes aux irritations du
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affecting the anterior limb and germ of the internal capsule. The glioma
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of influenza are apt to develop nephritis. We may have simply an intense
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28. Effects of sudden changes of Temperature. — "It is not unusual," says Von Lit-

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