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by the sea, and without any marshes in its immediate vicinity, was deci-
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with all the muscles of that side of the face, were paralyzed, and the mouth
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enlarged, pale, and slightly waxy externally ; cortex pale and thickened ;
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:|: Tiiis calculous transformation of tubercles is a very interesting subject, and is,
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was inclined to be irritable at times, but worked regularly in the sewing-
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surgeon. A Forty-Year Experience', Springfield, Charles C
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sons thus benefited, to discontinue their exercise and regular habits, and at
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3. Shani (Mishkinsky), J., Joseph, B. and Sulman, F. G.:
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The first, or inflammatory form, as it has been denominated, may or may
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which. Dr. W. remarks, has been recently traced, if not with certainty, yet
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two programs were designed to acquaint physicians I
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porary absence, for any disturbance might be injurious to the patient, and
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Some of these were of long standing, and had several openings situated
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found about as many positive two-step exercise tests
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Why the peculiar modifications of disease which we have supposed to be
emollient laxative side effects chocolate
parts had healed around it. This operation fistula was very small, but
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tional irritation.' II Now these occurrences may and do take place also in the
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Dr. I. S. Stone, of Washington, took the ground that ether was not the
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he had lost a small quantity of blood from the wound, though I think it most pro-
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pose, viz., that of giving nature, assisted by art, a fair opportunity of healing
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extraordinarily sensible to all those agents which provoke fever.
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Bhongtep Singhabhandhu, M.D., Charles Ritz, B.S., M.S., Ste-
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for the sake of convenience, than from any conviction of its grammatical
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recommendation that the establishment of a medical-
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form of renal disease is unfavourable to the existence of phthisis," he cites
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as yellow fever ? Judging from the (ew scattered and imperfect notices
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of the most obvious structural changes followed, and were caused by the lowest
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of great advantage if an answer could be made to the question. When is
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cyanosis does not appear until the age of puberty, and others have been observed
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The diseases of the spinal marrow come next under consideration. A

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