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{24) Bericht aus der Breslauer Frauenklinik, p. 225.

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cians. Further, MAG should encourage legislation that

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suffering from severe stomach disorder. Various circumstances exert a remarka-

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them were at all affected during this time. They, however, all had fever

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nal and an internal operation at one sitting. Surgery had not for its

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as well as by its production in excess, provided the internal source be

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in an attempt to arrive at a reasonable approach to

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3. From the report of the New Hampshire Asylum, the second which has been

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already remarked on the too indiscriminate use of purgative medicines in this

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setting up infection, which is intestinal and not, strictly speaking, puer-

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action of any remedy," — the only way is to increase the resistance of the

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rangement of the cell-infiltration in the deep connective tissue under and beyond the chancre. (Vessels

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ankle joint; the respiration on this and the preceding day, is found to be rude over

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solar plexuses, shows that there is a community of sympathy which may

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opening is re-formed, the urine can still escape, and the contact is not so close as

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the muscles, diminishes the perspiration and the weakness attendant on its

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importance to the surgeon. The spinosum varies much, and in one

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other, is gaining more power (natural) over the bladder and rectum, and

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fluids are gradually supplied by new ones, and the whole organism, as it

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oped, consisting of fibrous tissue, with granular deposits. The inner wall,

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In speaking of the causes of disease, in the 49 patients admitted in the above-

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fracture, and finds that it almost invariably occurs quite one inch above

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the one patient was a strong, plethoric adult, the haemorrhage arising

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during the assizes, which he had declined; that on the 9th of March (five days

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dose 1 gram. This corresponds to a simplified dosage regimen of 1 cc. of

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able than champagne of whatever brand. It is far more refreshing than the

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editors abreast of changes and trends in the field of

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sion and dejection enable one early to say it is influenza, and it is not

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like a dog receiving the caresses of his master. This particularly attracted

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problem he sets himself is to prevent the access of those vegetable germs

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49. Strabismus and Partial Amaurosis from thickening of Neurilemma of a portion

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times a day. Often, too, bromide of potassium, in moderate dose, with

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limited to the cheeks, which were bright red, oozing abundantly ; the

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