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and finally abandoned. Mr. Porter, in a case of aneurism, cut down upori

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cate with the general sheath, which passes under the annular ligament, but

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Oct. 1th. Received a letter from Dr. Shindle, who reports that his general

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House of Delegates it is recommended that the present

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eaeoplastic deposit, or even an altogether aplastic product, known by the

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over with nitrate of silver. In forty-eight hours, a decided eschar will appear

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long-term use of Orinase has no appreciable effect on body

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tion was much improved; to make use of her own expression, '' it was looking

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of the meeting and it is urged that you visit each ex-

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The attendance at the recent meeting in St. John was much larger

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specific contamination, in morbid blood changes, in anaemia and plethora,

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tory aclion, and be the cause of its development, or may result from the disturb-

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In the Journal of Medicine de Paris for April, 1894, is an article upon

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inapplicability as a test of their responsibility, than to say, what the truth enables

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disease, contained this whitish caseous looking matter, and that the greater

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limit, since by it he has repaired nearly the entire vesico-vaginal septum, which

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the same method of treatment — out of several equally justifiable ones — in

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that is still viable before surgery. There is no information about the asymptomatic

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present recall a similar case of fatal termination. Rupture of the liver from

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duction of water into the stomach so instantaneously allays thirst. (5)

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1st. It had led the profession lo believe that operations of magnitude on the ab-

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glands under the skin, is replaced by a similar deposit into the mesenteric

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ment.®" Patients with this disease are not sun sensi-

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ally followed by further pamphlets. His fame grew so rapidly that the

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arsenic, opium and its salts, chloral, hyoscyamine, antipyrine, the bromides,

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scrotum, and shaded with long hair, representing tolerably well the exter-

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