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operation did not do it. He thought bad results followed in these cases

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niteness to this theory, Centanni {Deutsch. med. Woch., 1894, Nos. 7 and 8)

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observation and unsound or prejudiced judgment, so called " false" facts

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vidual — has borne a brave and honorable part. It behooves us of this

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were found unusually large. Upon attempting to remove the cranium it

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spiring from mere atmospherical or artificial heat, is proved by the customs

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favourable circumstance, inasmuch as it prevented any escape of fluid into the

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which the laborer is often merely a gadget attached

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grading of a course in Immediate Care of the Sick and

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We take the liberty of marking in italics, says the distinguished editor, Dr. Johnson,

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ness of this doctrine; but the instances of extensive malformation of the heart are

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fit. This will be our 14th annual leadership conference. I have been fortunate

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have either the will or knowledge of how to properly conduct the manage-

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part in the removal of the sugar which was accumulating in the blood during the

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1,200 first-year enrollment of physician candidates in

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homeopathist, in addressing the regular profession, is scarcely courteous or

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the uterus was tried to expel the placenta ; whilst doing so she began to

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a sudden arrest of the alvine discharges by means of the chalk mixture,

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his view regarding the use of taxis, not by gentle manipulation, as one of

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tion, accompanied by elevation of temperature, making the case suspicious

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Reveille-Parise, in his classic treatise on old age, enlarges on this fact, and

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great eminence, and as strongly condemned by others of equal authority.

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don the idea of an operation altogether, or to perform one sufficiently above

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Maunsell say, ' in no instance is the blister to be left on more than a few hours

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The Governor has indicated in private discussions that he will include a pharma-

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external or internal, from causes connected with the state of the atmosphere, or

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hol. Other conditions, such as the amount of pollution

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'^ 4th. Those who kill without any apparent motive, from a sudden impulse, but

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