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in other directions, then this negative fact is valueless.

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piration of three or four days.— Comjj^e^ Rendus. May 1847, Ibid, August 1847.

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Francis presented to the Manchester Pathological Society, Feb. 4th, 1847, a spe-

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scrofulous children have always tubercles of the lung. "^ The natural death,' he

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In the mild forms of glycosuria, by a strict anti-diabetic diet, the

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6. All motions shall be presented in writing to the

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tion with the second feature, the author calls attention to the monograph

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42 years old, has been married ten years, and had a miscarriage three

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ing the bodies of those destroyed by the inhalation of ether, there is found great

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1. Down, J. L. H.: Observations on the ethnic classifica-

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be known by the careful use of the stethoscope. The author's observation

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heroes, rejoice in their strength, to laugh at it as a " bogey." It may be

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Annual Session, I will outline the Foundation's ac-

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L' EBRUARY IS Georgia Heart Month. It is a time to focus attention not only on

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placenta. The flooding before the birth of the child ceased, or was greatly

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in society; such a standard might be that each member

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those insulin-treated diabetics with normal blood :

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the skin is more delicate in structure, has greater vascularity, and a higher degree

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OS uteri, were rendered so soft and lax by the narcotism, that the introduction of

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cause of the debilitating effects of rich food, but per-

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After luncheon, Dr. VV. B. Dewees, Salina, Kansas, read a paper on

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to the light colour of the pigment. So evident is the reflection in the Albino, that

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it ; there is a continual struggle between the organism and the morbific

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has been described, although there are two, the one kind differing from the other

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concert at the Opera, where many attended, but many stay«d away. The

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pen. But this happy termination is exceedingly rare, because it is difficult to

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obscurity, and in tlie human subject until the present moment, I may say,

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renal disease as a sequel. Dr. Herman tells us that the acute form

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desirable than a dead woman with these organs in her pelvis. It may be

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the battlefield of science. Vesalius and Morgagni were the geniuses whose

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" Countenance. — The countenance was always characteristic, particularly when

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