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work of areolar adipose tissue succumbs readily and liquefies, and, as ten-
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the visits of his friends. Size of shoulder stationary.
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attack were recent, or of not more than a week's duration. Large doses of
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advanced phthisis a marked reduction of two degrees has been obtained
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for procuring the abortion, for eleven days, up to the period of the hemor-
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interdicted, as the reader had suggested, it would give the abdominal sur-
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paying the cost for those who have little or no income. i
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Ross, of Toronto, who entertained the party on the steam yacht, Cleo-
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of Lincoln, in a case where an osteo-sarcomatous tumour was removed by Mr.
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physics, animal electricity, static electricity, magnetism, faradic current, and
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their brethren of the United States. A Canadian occupied the presidential
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contribute to a speedy cure ; if they extirpated a tumor, ihey cut
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a quantity of fluid was left behind. To this collection pressure was made, the
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cold bath and ablutions, — he has never known the eruption to recede.
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disease. And I design my remarks to have a bearing upon those questions.
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lip ; a cut with scissors was sufficient for this. I then cat away with a tenotome
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Dr. Spence agreed with Dr. Temple. He spoke of the difficulty of
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ting them in splints or plaster of Paris is strongly urged. The author has
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Case IV.— Mrs. D , aged 29, healthy, was delivered Dec. 17, 1844,
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projected forwards by twitches: belly was somewhat swollen, presenting inequali-
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waste should be carefully watched. These latter should be taken as a
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attended with much difficulty and with much loss of blood, the left tube
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(2) What is the mechanism by which they act ? (3) What therapeutic
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used wiihout any relief. Her physician. Dr. Grapengiesser, then thought of in-
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urine flows freely, and the headache ceases. An intelligent gentleman,
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moments. The intubation instruments were not available just at the
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some general concept of the role of the nurse in the
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able than champagne of whatever brand. It is far more refreshing than the
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As will be seen by this short account of the three divisions of the fifth
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to be received as an exposition of the functional diseases of that organ, or of their

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