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bladder control are in potential jeopardy because of

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easily explained. Anaemia, whatever be its cause, renders the central and

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habits of the men, arising from diet or water, was manifest. The slighest wound

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severe and persistent vomiting suggest menmgitis ; the vomiting, pharyn-

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that is south of the latitude of St. Petersburgh^ I was told by a young German, who

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patient had been bedridden four years. A lumbar nephrectomy was done,

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tion has been immediately excited. It may, therefore, be laid down as a

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Saundby gives the following directions for the preparation of almond

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CM.—F. G. Brien, F. W. E. Burnham, J. S. Conklin, E. A. Crokat, George

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age and general state of system being favourable, 1 resolved to propose it

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treatment, massage, electricity, and balneotherapy. The massage, meth-

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justified and unnecessary injections, unjustified and unnecessary office visits and

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most men, render this operation of very infrequent application. Baldy

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catarrh. Six months before death he developed all the signs of pernicious

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The extracts of all the kinds of flesh on which Liebig has experimented, eva-

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Dr. Townsend's Translation of the Valuable Operative Surgery of Prof. Velpeau,

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Hocken, Hassing, and Bassereau, give an unfavourable account of its effects, and

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in aq. font. §iv, q. q. 4ta hora. Under this treatment the functions of the

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good recovery. Ballantyne is inclined to attribute the narrowing of the

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paroxysms against similar attacks. He mentions two cases, in which this

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rilla, and for the convenience of southern physicians an Agency has been established

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lowed by the continuous administration of salicylate of soda. He was

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Some say it is because the Koreans sit on warm stone floors a good deal,

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paration of soups, sauces, etc. It is a yellowish powder, and contains

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even notice — the unfamiliar while the familiar is

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The ciliary processes, the nature of whose structure has been so va-

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