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abraded or ulcerated. The liver was enlarged and much congested whh dark

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ptomaines, each of which has been so thoroughly studied that their

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selves at the expense of the medical profession. I believe we are in the unfortunate

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Cancer Facilities in the State, but due to reduction in

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Dr. Wood considers that the causes of bilious fever and those of yellow

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conservatives that these diseases do not demand operation, but that they can

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was uniformly cloudy, containing abundant material of an infectious

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goods could be purchased from other dealers. It is best always to buy

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chancre-secretion, mixed with peroxide of hydrogen, rendered alkaline by

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influences, like the tension generated by attitudes to-

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vascular action. In other words, we must believe, if we hold the inflam-

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W. J. McCoUum, Toronto ; J. F. McKee, Aurora ; A. A. McCrimmon, St. Thomas ;

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again broke out after she had proceeded to Sierra Leone, and remained

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similar expression of countenance ; the shuddering ; the pain of the epigas-

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curing information on these points, the author has instituted a number of experi-

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the child's head is pressed through the external genital parts, and is then followed

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the fields of general surgery, general internal medi-

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to furnish the materials for success in the practice of medicine, is neglected as a

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No. 4. Cancer under the endocardium. The nodule is readily dis-

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time and the improvement of the general health, whilst others never can be ob-

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ling such cases, it was necessary that the medical man should have the per-

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tuation may be felt when much pus is found, the fingers are semiflexed,

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er of the House of Delegates and Councilors as provided

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Excision of Knee-joint. Final Results in Thirteen Cases.

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leaves down. This had been prepared by covering it with folded blankets

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the coats of the intestine were enormously thickened ; it is, however,

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that had been taken from her during this seizure by the nurse. She had

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or of firm tumours of the jaw, maxillary sinus, or neck. Of these forty-

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make a differential diagnosis by the microscope between a chancre and a

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this head, in the Copenhagen Hospital, treated with the iodide, there were forty-

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uteri firmly grasping the obtruded shoulder of the child, and the uterine contrac-

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Erythropoietic protoporphyria: a new prophyria with solar

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was delivered. The operations of Emmet, Tait, and Martin practically

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therein between the word “Secretary” and the word

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opportunities of dissecting the stumps he found thick neuromatous swell-

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sion, after setting the febrile movement a goin^i', is no longer absolutely necessary

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processes of the vitreous body. They are by no means the depressions of

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