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pepsia, from pregnancy, from uterine disease or disorder, &c. Another comi-

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ticularly, may lurk behind an appearance ostensibly robust. In these cases there

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greater when clamps are employed than when ligatures are used, but I

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ONE of the charges which has been brought against the Ontario Medi-

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^'4th. That the state of ebriety appears to lessen the natural resistance which

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other viscera are not affected constitutionally, and hence we are not compelled to

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trying to arrange for expert testimony in committee

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ors should now be introduced into this in turn and the edges separated.

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addressed exclusively to the publishers, Messrs. Lea & Blanchard.

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remark, that saU diminishes, in a very striking degree, the pungency of the aji, and

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every other tissue and form of cell-life was occasionally abortive.

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I referred to this in connection with a case of excision of the elbow-joint

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— Your reference committee recommends disapproval

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sickness and other unpleasant symptoms which it is apt to produt-e. Dr. Babing-

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have increase in funds in order that we may lend in-

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tates the caseine ; the filtered fluid gives a coagulum with heat ; the

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no danger to the public health in the conduct of a rational system for the

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I was then informed that there had been a return of the pain and stiffness

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is complete loss of the power of vision, which was probably the case for several

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tion, and consequently of abortion having taken place, though I inclined to

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the statement that in the treatment of prostatitis, at least in its chronic

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Association of Georgia again expresses its appreciation

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advocated the Berlin bottle, obtainable in all drug stores at a cost of

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sity of Toronto was held at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club (Island) on Thurs-

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mass. Eccentric pressure symptoms, especially if the aorta be thrust upward,

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third class was the relapsing appendicitis. Operation in these cases

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impaired. The knee-jerks and the elbow-jerks were abolished, and electric

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the heart, yet frequently, also, no such affection has been detected upon exami-

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best preservative, then, against nervous diseases must be the natural equi-

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proper guarantee — to the public that the licentiate of the council is a

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clean, the abdomen in a normal state, and the jaundice had almost entirely subsid-

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epistaxis was often stopped by raising the arms. Here, again, most probably the

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