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consequent difficulty with which the venous blood circulates; and, though it be

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precautions in treatment of anxiety states with evidence of

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exhaustive series of statistics regarding mole pregnancies, arrives at the

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under very able treatment in New York, as well as here, with the result

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frequently unsuspected when patients are first seen

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peringeum aseptic, and dilate the sphincter. Clamp the base of the

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the nodules was softened, and contained a large number of yellow granules

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and taxes — and both of them leave you in a hole.

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Dr. F. J. Shepherd, of Montreal, reported a case of " Interscapular

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the frequency of the heart's action diminishes in advanced age ; and no one

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— Your reference committee recommends approval of

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An address, the title being " Non Nocere," " Harm Not," was deliv-

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might develop on one or other sides of the uterus, accompanied by fever.

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bread was allowed. The patient improved very much, and the sugar in

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where, keep up chronic inflammation. A similar train of phenomena may be

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'^ Many of the objections to the identity of scrofula and tubercle may be summed

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must, therefore, either co-exist with the fibrine or be supplementary of it.

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whom it was terminal and quickly fatal, 127 had tubercles, and 82 had them not.

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tainly unfavourable, yet he does not believe that phthisis is in all cases

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" In conclusion, 1 may observe that there are qo operations in which the use of

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partially injected, and sometimes studded with miliary tubercles, or has

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tion of dealing with cases where there was suppuration and adhesions, the

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pancytopenia; and hepatic porphyria and porphyria cutanea

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in many cases covered with a dark brown incrustation and fissured ; the

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with eifasion of lymph; headache. — December: globe gave way, conjunctiva

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mental powers, and become comparatively happy and contented raembeis of the

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