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a grain every three hours with marked benefit. He referred also to the

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Dr. Henry H. Wright, of Toronto, probably did more than any other

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are visceral obstructions, or tendency to internal congestions. It should

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matter, but says that there " can be no doubt that albuminous urine often

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observed in ecchymoses, are all dependent on different stages of oxidation of the

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placed. The left side was more prominent than the right. The tumour

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sach cases may be greatly improved, if not entirely remedied, by the use of

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be a rule made that all cases should be reported in which preventive

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ash, in four ounces of distilled water, by boiling it for about half an hour, and then

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county, Ont., previous to the ushering in of the appendicitic era, and also,

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toma were noted in one male ward in the Kenyatta National Hospital of Nairobi,

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different. (If they were not there would be no need

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of the situation where too few “generalists” and a

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sion its assistance as solutions are sought to this com-

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occur in the various grades of yellow fever, I shall confine myself to a

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grs. xiij ; spt. lavand. comp. gij. M. Sig. A teaspoonful three times a

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"Third, That the disease of which the Portuguese soldiers died at the fort, on

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pitals in the development of continuing education pro-

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and that this tolerance could be greatly increased by carefully graduated

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Sutlive, F. Debele Maner and John Kirk Train; CHAT- ■

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ally, even one drop of pus under the end of a finger, when we know, if it is

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similar to that found in the peritoneum. Four months since, another case had

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four small cystic tumors about the size of a hazel nut ; at the posterior

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pain anywhere. Uterus well contracted and without uncommon tender-

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by Dr. Heller, on the chemical and microscopic characters of the blood in cancer-

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your reference committee feels that this constitutes a

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nausea, impairs the appetite, and deranges the digestive organs.

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to alert the profession and make it aware of the real

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22,600 cineangiograms at the Cleveland Clinic) at the large centers devoted to

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syringe, the latter being enclosed in a vessel of water sufficiently heated to con-

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cries when pressure is made upon it, but whether from pain is a matter of

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