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and the characters and extent of the inflammation furnish an index of

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of serious import, while those occurring at the on-

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Ictt. The hernia consisting of a thin band of the lesser

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In the absence of constitutional symptoms other than

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of children under five years of age numbered 190, of whom

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was injected subcutaneously into the back of each individual. Two to three

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I administered six drops of strophanthus every six hours and one

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I shall refrain from all discussion of these cases except to draw atten-

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of abdomen, backache, slight bloody discharge, and fever.

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CI. — How do you treat chronic nasal catarrh? (Answers

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primar}^ interstitial inflammations characterized by proliferation of the

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necessary. On the other hand, we acknowledge that many cases which

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affect the experiments. They were given since a number of dogs had

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lotions, is as well known as it ought to be. By this simple application,

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increasing skill in manipulation, citing the following series of cases as proof:

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derness and tumefaction manifesting itself in the region of

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convulsive movements easily, because the dissemina-

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infected with a pure culture of staphylococcus albus is not altered by ex-

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is too extensive. The origin of subdiaphragmatic abscesses is frequently con-

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he resolved — fancy this in a boy not yet fourteen ! — to abstain from the

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it is difficult to make any statement as to the dangers arising in this

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than that of the lungs, 2 deaths from dysentery. 3 deaths

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matter. The diction and style are easy and agreeable. The reader, as

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was followed iiy nausea and vomiting, a temperature of

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thral tract. True, there is no sharp histological line

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