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two weeks. The foot swelled very much subsequently, and became very
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being presented by Dr. Hatie, of Halifax. He gave a description of the
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is subject to a fine up to $5,000 for each violation and a court injunction to re-
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pains of the bones, yield more readily when no mercury has been previously
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When the remittent fever of childhood occurs in infants or very young
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to appear less retarded than they actually are. It is
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taining the furnace proper and drying chamber, in which the refuse under-
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It may therefore, I thhik, fairly be concluded that the berries eaten in
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ginning to investigate the nutritional factors which
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amnion, &c., had been absorbed, only leaving a somewhat advanced cho-
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divided, but portions which are muscular at the seat of injury are crushed
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with the treatment of crooked legs occurring in children under five years
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grain of opium every hour fill the pain ceased, the accident was warded off, and
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instance there are two distinct foramina on the left side.
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ary nerveSj rather than to the primary injury of the cornea.
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importance of the work of Boards of Health and of Medical Health
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The Visiting List for 1895 has been thoroughly revised and brought up to
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cases which he narrates seems fully to justify his decision in favor of

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