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neglecting intubation and tracheotomy in critical cases, harm was done.
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appeared drowsy and weak. Next morning, fourteen hours afterwards, the
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(2) We should continue our efforts to help our legis-
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cession of the tetanuSj and when that had gone on to a great degree, there being
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and all other methods of analysis The various processes and methods of
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Throat cultures were taken at each of these evalua-
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nation by the urine. Their experiments prove that the drug is really
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the berries of the solanum dulcamara are poisonous? and second, whether
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increases the size of the Board of Trustees from 15 to
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than was generally supposed. Prognosis in acute appendicitis was always
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rattling fire of musketry, and soon discovered that it was in the neighbor-
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cases the use of the quinia should be preceded by depletion, and by other means
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TORS for each of the important reference works you retain. Sized to
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saw her in the morning, and at once applied pressure. The moment I
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tion to the fact that in performing it two extra assistants will be occupied
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which is unquestionably a true dropsy of the brain; upon what, however,
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Defence Association, and, we thought, was generally considered satisfac-
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ral and not difficult labour, which had continued through the preceding
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upon its employment. And, on the other hand, I have the strongest assurance
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less than five per cent, of hernia. The introduction of animal suture in
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finger, becomes diffused through the whole pulp. The areolar tissue
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houses, with caretakers and appliances for work and recreation. The insane
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and so preserved in its natural position, and it is also so supported from the effects
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room for years.' Bodily health generally fair, never robust, and rather
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The President, Dr. L. McFarlane, Toronto, occupied the chair.
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very weak, he was compelled to rest, when they again set in, piercing and stab-
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ness, and the last consequences of which he did not draw, but which first
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guishing characteristic of gonococci that they do not grow on plain
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