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termine the probable influence of their causes upon the human

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anatomical diagnosis of a choroiditis, to be made with as

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surgical fever, with its usual attending local complications.

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do not include all the views brought forward to explain the mode of

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far it is beneficial. In one case of enlarged spleen, with con-

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the venous circulation is enfeebled; passive hemorrhage; full-

lamisil cost nz

can you use lamisil cream on face

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these different orders of morbid conditions is important to

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tion, was prevented by severe indisposition from being

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frequently in those trying to relinquish the morphine and opium

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extending to the sympathetic ganglia as well as to the cerebro-

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Indications. — Yellow, slimy coating on the tongue ; yellow,

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ing and pain in the side, are the two initial symptoms in

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escape of the serum by the side of the peduncle. In two cases

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in the head, with thick, yellowish, purulent secretion; tongue

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tient requiring pulsatilla. A pulsatilla patient weeps easily, and

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CAUSES : — The exciting causes of lung- fever is be-

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first dose, and were cured within a week. It is also claimed by

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