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blood is poor and thin, and the blood is likely to remain poor if the
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high specific gravity, 1020-1030, and possesses a high colour. It has a
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Tuberculous pericarditis is decidedly rarer than similar affections of the
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The'fl^.fn of the wether is by far the mofl: fucculent,
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collection exists. In the Laboratory at Toronto a beginning has been made and
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Surfeit^ in a horfe, fjgns of, and method of cure, 22i, 223.
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it's rife from combinations of this kind during the
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the cartilages at the ends of the ribs becoming 11 if-
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minor morphological detail as well as in the duration of their respective
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serous membrane is coated with a thick layer of hyaline or mucoid
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health than in ordinary empyema. The effusion may be extremely large.
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the external parts cold, to give the horfe fome warm
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female's carrying her young, il>id. Neceffity of fometimes
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consequent upon surgical operations, and cases of pelvic perimetritis and

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