Deriphyllin And Salbutamol

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two persons to hold the limbs down in order to apply friction, with stimulants, both

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Endeavouring to add somewhat, if only a modicum, to the mass of

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next the globe of the eye, and pressed it downwards and backwards, while the

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causes loss of sensation over a large zone corresponding to the peripheral

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limited in the treatment. The Germans have especially extolled cold

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creating a monopoly for the medical profession, or erected insuperable

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has found nothing do so much good as a gargle of lime water and bark.

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Galloway, A. B. Greenwood, H. Guelph, N. M. Harris, R. H. Hastings, T. C. Hodg-

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require professional attendance, yet they pay their share without com-

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A statement of the numbers attending the congress, etc., which I have

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companied with the deposit of fiocculent tripe-like looking lymph, on the external

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From the experiments of Magendie and others, it appears, that when

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structure being quite consistent with considerable reflection, but not with absorp-

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ease, and pulmonary phthisis is looked upon in the light of a mere chronic

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And now that we are on the question of a hospital for consumptives,

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Medical Program, and we are all fortunate to have such

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The porphyrias: a genetic problem; Prog. Med. Gen. 5:58-

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only useless, but did positive harm. In his (Dr. Locock's) cases, Mr. Brown's

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terminated generally with the same symptoms as those presented by the

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Coke's orders, assaulted Mr. Crispe with a bill-hook, and gave him several

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belief that, under his administration, the usefulness and reputation of the Hospital

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deriphyllin and salbutamol

half minute should sufifice to make the incision. As a ligature, he pre

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is converted in a few minutes into sulphocyanide of ammonium. This metamor-

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ascertained precisely, because many of the patients, when they were first

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tices, have failed to take into account the need for

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Spicula of bone protruded into the canal, but did not puncture the mem-

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12. Electric Moxa. By Dr. Golding Bird. — It was long ago observed by Hum-

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