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in full elsewhere. The change of the positive reac-

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In a recent paper on the subject, which appeared in

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found her ear discharging about April 20th, but e.xpen-

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error in therapeutics. The balneological therapy of

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quired, the period under general narcosis is greatly

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riexiicr, director of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical

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struments and the disinfection of all parts of oper-

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these two areas was exquisitely painful, especially at the

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1. Arteriosclerosis with Report of Observations on Blootl

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our coal by the ton, and it costs, let us say, six dol-

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was attended for a "good while." the mother could not tell

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of children under five years of age numbered 168, of whom

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corresponding to an annual death rate of 14.4 in a thousand

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did not, of necessity, indicate the full extent, pos-

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jacketed bullet has a tendency to tunnel when strik-

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tions exist in almost every large city the question

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wall and which are exceedingly slow to heal despite

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of great value to the physician. Its great danger is

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cer arises by a further process of delay so that the

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"be used as the receptacle for the saline solution, this

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diplococci with the morphology of meningococci. Cultures

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which she had been given large doses of quinine. Exam-

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neither germs nor arsenic could be found in the se-

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obscure the field : but this can be partly overcome

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