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quality of metal there is little or no tin, and if the cans are

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solidation reaches the pleura. It is to be looked upon as a direct result

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kinds. These wines are doubtless purer, and often better,

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this body are not proper, siudi as the power of three of the homeo-

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has too often been noted to require to be cited in evidence of this

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Despite the great advances made in recent years in the etiology

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down as wishy-washy diet. They give up much water on

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comes on directly after death, is persistent, and the muscles often con-

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sicians the most active advocates of water as a remedy, so does its his-

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their professional jealousies, their little tilts with one another,

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origin of the sympathetic is followed by very intense and rapid

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days in the year, only being sick four days at twenty. At

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the naso-pharynx, and asafetida, occasionally used for the paroxysms.

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not indicated, the flow being maintained by a feeble local and general

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wines. A gouty person should drink only the dryest of the

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Another very useful procedure, applicable chiefly in cases present-

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William Hunt was Demonstrator of Anatomy. No better

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Etiology. — The bacteriology of the affection is imperfectly known, al-

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In ^''sepsis mtestinalis " marked local symptoms may initiate the attack,

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for hard laborers give plenty of fat pork, butter, oil, and such.

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monia, and less frequently lobular pneumonia, may develop and cause a

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themselves far out on blue water, bound most likely on a six

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controller to lay that complaint first l)cfore the actual head of

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continues, many incisions under unfavorable circumstances are

bisacodyl ec 5 mg

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a decrease of nerve prostration, by placing the patient into a bath of

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meeting; but he and the other members of the committee must

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The before-mentioned grapes are all of the American va-

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titioner examines carefully for evidence of the latter. If nephritis

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practised by Darrach in the New York Hospital in 1857, is an excel-

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the operation before it is too late. Intubation comes in most

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glandular swelling and cellulitis, the neck becoming enormously enlarged

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tient has fever. The bacilli have been known to live in water

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about the shape and size of an orange, and have a broad, pel-

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an hour, then every half-hour or hour, according to the condition of

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administered in the inverted position. The convulsions ceased after a

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and methyl salicylate in acute gout. I have given this par-

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