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form ; out of twenty-four cases nine recoveries are noted. The differen-

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" Secondly. The iodide seems to act favourably, not only upon the disease for

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ied alone with the personality of a group of 10 and

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of albumen and hyaline casts. These evidences of actual kidney involve-

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statements of different pathologists who have described tubercular deposits in the

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the aromatics act as antithermics, and chilling, cyanosis, and rashes are

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morning, he found the girl just expiring ; the man was not worse, and was

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out doing great damage to the cavernous sinus, the third, fourth, and sixth

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and much motion. And then his eyes overtook Dr. Keith's feet and legs mak-

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sounds. We have much pleasure in congratulating Mr. McArthur and his

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is used as a revulsive to restrain uterine and other hemorrhage, frequently

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he is happy to add, for the publishers. He offers no explanation, because

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