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as high up in the pelvis as possible. Upon abdominal palpa-
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remedy when given in the treatment of dilatation, and is dangerous
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He was contemplating a further dose of .4 gram for this
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and unfasten on this side. In putting on the harness
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prize, open to all, to be given every three years. Dr. W Parker,
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was admitted seven months pregnant, with high tempera-
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sive raw surface. In operating on a similar case again I
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to flies and will protect the animal until the applica-
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the glottis and lamyx, or organs situated at the top of the windpipe.
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fluids orally, by discontinuous rectal drip, and by
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fruits, as well as the juices of edible roots, tubers, and green vege-
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cus. In some of the acute suppurative cases, it was
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each case the reposition was elected by steady pressure
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ten days the wart comes off. If it has not been re-
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several tissues derived from a-U three layers of the embryo.
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duces the phenomena of Daltonism, when there is a defect of
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region. Here, too, was found a developing tooth, so we
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Spleen considerably enlarged, easily palpable, and on deep
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complication which is very difficult to treat. One such
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ing a considerable quantity of urine and so situated
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finement? Certainly, (c) Should they be informed that
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very rarely followed by air embolism it is reasonable
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make out the mystery, lie soon convinced himself that the tissues
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forgotten, " the voice of Nature " will always be acceptably
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so that I can give no opinion as to its ultimate results.
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side of the ring, and to a lesser degree towards the same
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Trinity College for preparing candidates for the Army.

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