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these changes, hastening the symptoms of general paralysis or those of

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sweat-glands through the nervous system ; and as by means of pilocarpine

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separately described by Milton in 1872. Cases had, however, been

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draw the bold outlines of the subject it is legitimate to

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a means to secure this most desirable end must be utterly

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infiltrated, swollen, and marked by papules or nodular prominences ;

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of the body of persons suffering from E. seborrhoicum.

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semi-translucent, a characteristic which increases their resemblance to a

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curiosity, and finding a definite pleasure from the effect of the alcohol,

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"When this influence is at its highest those persons are particularly

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views of things to the light aliments he lived on, never in-

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indignant with the doctor at Carshalton to give much

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Archer, who, whilst serving the Merry Monarch as one of

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attention to the peculiar altered method of response to the constant

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1884. — Savage. Insanity and Allied Neuroses. (Last edition 1891.)

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advance of age. Hence a distinction into prurigo mitis and prurigo senilis.

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accurately. If directions are followed carefully, however, most of

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Fowler's solution may be given each day in a syringe full of water, and

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always present. Neuralgia does not seem to be often observed. Insomnia

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examine carefully for hemiplegia ; which in these cases by no means

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tremor often begins in youth, and that in it and the senile form the

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action, he escapes the stigma of vice. Vice implies choice. It is

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Staphylococcus hcemorrhagicus. — Under this name E. Klein describes a

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