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was perfectly smooth, and presented neither tearing nor ulceration.
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pre-sphenoid. The same early synostosis might, he found, be
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love for his profession and respect for his father's memory, so
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diseases, and shamefully, often wilfully and doggedly, ignorant upon these subjects.
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his English fellow-author occupies much of his chapter on
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("struma follicularis mollis ''). But the typical bronchocele
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lated on the lips. The pulse was exceedingly rapid and ^feeble.
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posed to wet feet, yet there is no disease peculiar to this profession. Tanners are
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is notorious that those men who indulge in licentious pursuits have little faith in
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then to subject it to firm pressure by a pad of lint, strapping,
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tion of iodine. These casts are usually accompanied by fetor, and
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The cavernous angioma, though believed to be often a con-
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a very interesting and valuable paper on optic neuro-retinitis,
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Loose connective tissue separates the peritoneum from the pos-
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been perfectly cured. We regard it as a most astonishing case, for the lady had
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an automatic adaptation, a state of urea pressure, as it were,
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been carried into effect, in the south of Europe, with such extreme rigour or to
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" That the development of mind, both in individuals and through
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35 grams of carbohydrate, and 900 calories. At no time did
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strument was introduced into the mbclaman vein. The degree of
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poisonings, which it has held since the middle ages, when, as is
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absent on a similar amount of glucose on the initial test. Severe
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Midwifety, By Robbbt Babvss, M.D. Lond., &c. . . • 267
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He is not allowed to do this last, because he brings a burden upon other ■people.
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Shall we have natural or artificial gratification? I say, most decidedly, the
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What surprises us not a little is the boldness with which the
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derstand the signs of an abortion of the fruit of the womb, they may be induced to
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and a stronger mind, than if making yourself a devotee of fashion, and turning the
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however, two points on which writers agree ; the frequency of
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accident has happened to persons above fifty years of age^ the
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are matters of which we are still in ignorance. A^ to the efficacy of
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The author of this work has had a large field for experience
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In dusting the furniture of rooms, there always arises a fine, smoke-like dust,

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