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For the exact details of the operation the original

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Drs. J. D. Manchester, P. T. Dessez and J. S. Wood-

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Hemoglobin, 6.5%; red corpuscles, .5,175,000; white cor-

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passed ; here the beats were well marked once more.

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cell of considerable size. At times they occupy the

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tion of the joint, arising usually from tuberculosis

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1.5 cm. in diameter, and its consistency varied from

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blood-pressure observations. An illustration, also,

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room, and who now walks with no very apparent diffi-

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18.2. Newcastle-on-Tyne 17.8, Cardiff 14.5, Rhondda 20.9, Liver-

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when I rose from my seat upon the ground the landscape

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tables and fruits are scrubbed to the last degree of

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( )f these factors the first two explain themselves.

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about macula". Urine .showed chronic difTusf? nephritis

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of the torn t«ndon. Approximation of the ruptured ends

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will best subserve the scientific needs of the future.

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