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anatomists do not lay great stress on the skin. Experience
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having received 7 c.c. of the vaccinating solution in eight
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it depend upon intensity ? Will a mild attack of measles
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Peru, I'araguay, Colombia, and Ecuador have expressed their
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the Eoyal Infirmary, Liverpool; £l,(iiX) to the Koyal Southera
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The first general meeting of this newly formed Society was
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temperature seems less marked and more evanescent. To
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leucocytes is observable. But the phenomena of extravas-
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should have upon it representatives of the three countries,
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phosphorus, and partly nucleo-albumins, which contain
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stated to be attacking children in large numbers, as is seen
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opened and the sigmoid flexure drawn out of the wound than
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boiled sponges is not so bad as might be inferred from the
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there was a flattening of the upper and anterior part of the
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derably below the average ; in London the " fever " death-rate was only
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falling. Each calf measured lU inches. This child ias been
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It is to those comments and not to the conclusions of the
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replied, ' If there is any difllculty with the Union on the
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mation as to the later results of this treatment, and the
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tected. These experiments furnish a further confirmation of
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medical officers, to whom Dr. Deshmuteh refers as acting as chemical
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N. K., aged 10 years., was sent to me by Dr. B. H. Mnmby,
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ing in the corridor outside. During the night the patient

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