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individual hospitals, and, second, the curricula of nurs-

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out the influenza. If the lung complication be at all extensive, quinine

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per cent of all lives lost in Georgia, but also on the one organization in our state

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the 3d of that month the subclavian was tied. This operation was followed by relief of symp-

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ous members of your delegation will be available for

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jority of the members of the council. The recent amendments to the

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molecular life of nerve structure is unknown from a therapeutic stand-

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and its width four and a half; the cavity was capable of containing from

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and Bylaws present the necessary language to the next

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'justified' in using this agent under the circumstances named, it will become,

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which the operation enabled us to give. Death ensued in nine hours.

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understand the meaning of the word " contract," every member of the

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high doses is mildly goitrogenic in animals. Photosensitivity re-

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irresistible impulse, of which, however, they are conscious, and against which rea-

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high degree of organization. We meet with interesting communications

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Malibran and Catalan!, it may extend even beyond three. The voice in singing,

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with indigestible food, with a tumid state of the abdomen, a grain of calo-

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teeth as seen by x-ray is often found, but x-rays of

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Greek practitioners. There is an incidental proof in Lindley-s "Introduction to

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sponsible for the synthesis of A ALA synthetase.^®

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Pleuritis with Purulent Effusion Cured by Aspiration.

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uncomplicated with organic lesions. As will be seen hereafter, it is of

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when menstruation has been abruptly and artificially stopped, the change

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vidual member being reinstated for failure to pay dues

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upon the vine from which those were taken, of which the children eat, and

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Right femur demonstrating pathological fracture extend-

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words “Past Presidents,” so that the sentence would

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as showing where the obstacles to its being carried out exist. The American

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tears were lateral, extending out under the rami of the pubes ; or central

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