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Javan women are of an extremely jealous disposition, and have quiet and subtle

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when concentrated sulphuric acid is placed in contact with almost any organic

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ceedingly valuable contribution to the department ofmedicine of which it treats, and

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To mention a ^ew examples — and first oi tetanus, which is so often be-

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ence with the external application of guaiacol as recommended last year

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some cases, in the sense of preventing the establishment of the epileptic

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mained unaffected in size during the first day, when quinine alone was given; but

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(2) The aponeurotic-like density of the papillary layer, and its having

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ral sound and his therapeutical directions cautious, plain, and in accordance

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astonishing how much destructive lesion and constructive abnormalities

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structures of the heart. The skin is dry and cracks

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origin in a quite opposite condition ; but there are also many in which neither of

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trace of the burn consisted of a dry shrivelled appearance of the cuticle on one

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as a means of destroying the whig influence in the borough.

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wiser and more prescient than they, and perhaps builded better than he

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of secondary syphilis, and his high opinion of this medicine and its superior advan-

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remarks, that the words choroid and vascular are synonymous.

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use, gradually progressing from tepid to cold, provided there is no internal

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Victor C. Vaughan in regard to ptomaine poisoning is exceedingly interest-

emollient cream prescription products

United States, and have sufficient weight to speak with undoubted authority on

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fluid escaped^ adding ^'that nothing more was attempted.''' To say the

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1847.) — An invalid took at one dose, ten grains and nearly eight tenths of acetate

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gave him due credit, so that, happily, there is no occasion for any dispute be-

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